Trains and Pony Rides

I have been to Trade Winds Park only once before for their Holiday Light display and it was awesome! We plan to make that an annual tradition. Anyways, we went back there today for the train rides and the pony rides and the kids (and we) had a great time. I must say that it is only my second visit and I am already loving this park. First of all it is humongous and secondly it is super cute with all the  little ponds and barns.



K did the pony rides and I actually had to hold the reins of the pony (yikes!) and walk while she rode. It was fine with one exception, the pony deciced to stop and put his face on the fence and check out the horse on the other side but I was told to “don’t be afraid to push him in the direction you want him to go” so that is what I did and it worked (whew, I am not gonna lie I wasn’t sure how he was gonna react to me pushing him).


Baby girl had an awesome time and want to return as soon as possible. Next time we will try and get there earlier as opposed to a half an hour before the last ride. I think the ponies were tired from being rode on and being in the sun all day by the time we got there.


Next, we headed to the train rides. The train is super cute. Both the girls were able to go on it with us and its a decent size ride for a $1.50.  Keira also got to honk the horn in the end so that was a winner.

149           151          165


Don’t miss out their miniature train display. We spent a lot of time just watching little trains go by.



We will be back for some more rides in the near future and will be checking out the petting zoo too.

Here is the 2018 operating schedule:

July 21 & 22

August 18 & 19

September 15 & 16

October 20 & 21

Fall Festival TBD

November 17 & 18

December 15 & 16




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