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This month’s Local Focus features Odette Photo + Art run by the super talented Odette Fernandez Lopez. Odette moved to South Florida from Cuba four years ago with a strong drive to do something and to make a name for herself in her new home away from home. She always had a strong interest in photography and would take pictures when ever she got a chance. As a professor in Cuba, she started writing a column about photography and seeing the huge interest in her column along with the great feedback from readers made her look at photography as more than just a hobby.

Odette taught herself how to take great pictures. She made it a mission to take/edit pictures on a daily basis so she can perfect the art. When she takes on a project she likes to get to know the family so that there is an element of comfort and her clients feel like they can be themselves which shows in the pictures she takes. Her favorite quote is “When you take a photograph of someone, you take a portrait of their soul” and this truly reflects in her work. Her focus is on children’s photography and her bubbly personality makes her a perfect person to work with kids. She works with families doing family portraits, covering events and even doing photography for blogs and websites.

Odette Photography offers different packages that you can choose from to fit your needs and budget. Check out more of her work here.

Click here to contact Odette Photo + Art to book a session.

* All images are property of Odette Photo + Art and are used with permission.

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