Crafting With Kids – Paper succulents

Looking for something fun to create with your not so little kids? Make some paper succulents. We had so much fun with this project and we ended up making a lot of  these decorative succulents with. Check out the video on how to make these .

Here is how to make them:

Things you will need – Card stock, glue (we used glue dots), dowels and some free time.

  1. Find a template online for succulents, print it and trace it on to your card stock. Make sure to have different sizes of the petals. Cut out the petals on the card stock.
  2. Roll the edges of your petals to give the succulent a more fuller look and look more realistic.
  3. Stick all the layers together staring from largest to the smallest.
  4. Step back and enjoy your creation.


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