About Us

We moved from Seattle, WA in 2013 to sunny Coral Springs with our beautiful daughter, one in the oven (6 months pregnant and my husband convinced me to move across the country) and our pup.

While it has been great being able to play outdoors all year long, I have missed the resources that we had available for parents of young kids in Seattle. Seattle being a tech savvy city most of the information for activities was available online and for the most part really easy to access. It was difficult to find these resources when we moved to S Florida and finding events to go to with my kids. It was daunting task to first collect various magazines/flyers and then going through all of them to find activities and events we were interested in attending.

I longed for a website that will have all the events in one place that would save me some time. Hence came the idea of Skip Jump Play. Hopefully you will find it a great asset for planning activities with your kids and we hope it makes your life just a little bit easier and fun!

Natasha, Keira, Mia & Josh

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