30 Things to do with kids at home – Covid-19 Edition

We are all stuck at home for who knows how long and we have got to find thing to do for our kids to do to keep them entertained.  Even though a lot of us tried to gather things that will keep our kids entertained, the kids get bored quickly and we are in need of new ideas to keep them entertained. We have put together a list using things most of us have at home since we cant just run to the store. Here are a few ideas that might be helpful :

  1. Play board games. Give everyone a turn picking the game of the day because, you know, we can  only take so much of Monopoly.
  2. Do puzzles.
  3. Paint and color.  If you don’t have any coloring books on hand, just Google ‘Free Coloring Pages’.
  4. Make cards for family members (to mail or give to them later).
  5. Play hide-and-seek.
  6. Make a scavenger hunt with things kids can find in the house or in the back yard. Give a small treat as a reward once they find everything on the list.
  7.  Bake cookies or a simple cake.
  8.  If you have some seeds on hand, have the kids plant them in the backyard or little pots.
  9. Make a movie at home. Kids off all ages can be involved in this. The older kids can come up with a plot and the whole family can act in it. Use your cell phone to video it.
  10. Set up a tent in the back yard.
  11. Learn new words in a foreign language.
  12.  Build card houses.
  13.  Learn a new gymnastics move. There is plenty of time to practice.
  14. Decorate an old T-shirt.
  15.  Build a blanket fort
  16. Blow bubbles and see who can pop the most.
  17. Learn a magic trick.
  18. Read a book.  You can get free e-books from your local library.
  19.  Make popsicles from whatever fruit you have on hand. All that frozen fruit you have will come in handy for this one.
  20.  Make slime.  You can find tons of recipes online.
  21. Picnic in the backyard. Have the kids help pack the food.
  22. ‘Paint’ with water and a brush on outside walls. Keeps the little ones entertained for hours.
  23. Make rubber band jewelry.
  24. Make sock puppets. Have the kids put on a show.
  25.  Decorate cardboard boxes with markers and stickers. A proven kid favorite!
  26. Make play dough. This will keep them entertained for days.
  27. Stacking cups.
  28. Have a tea party. Have the kids wear their fancy outfits and (makeup).
  29.  Set up an obstacle course in the backyard.
  30. Have a dance party in the living room.


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